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Correct Firewall Setup Verification

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Correct Firewall Setup Verification

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Dear Plum Support Representative,

When customers setup their firewall to work with IVR its usually set to allow traffic only coming in from Plum Voice. This means that we have limited options to test whether or not their firewall is setup correctly.
Previously, we have asked assistance to conduct a very helpful test whereby Plum Voice technicians would attempt to telnet into the customer’s IVR server from one of their machines. This is a very useful test as it verified that our customers have the firewall setup correctly; there are no IVR components involved. We would like to know if there is a very expedient (quick and with as little impact on Plum Voice resources) way to accomplish this. In actuality, we the test is part of a debug process we conduct during our installations. Is there a way that WE could run the telnet test from the Plum Voice admin page? That would help us out a lot. We are wondering if that capability is already available and we are just not aware of it.

Thank You.


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Check to see if firewall is set up properly for IVR platform

Post by support »


To check to see if your firewall is setup correctly, you can do the following:

1) Set up a web server from your customer's end
2) Write a scratchpad on your IVR hosting account that uses the <submit> tag to submit data to the web server. For an IVR example:

<submit next="http://webserver.example.com/process.pl" method="post" namelist="data1 data2"/>

3) Place an IVR call on your IVR hosting account and monitor your customer's web server logs to see if the web server received an http request.

If the request was received, then the firewall is configured to allow traffic to come from the Plum IVR platform.

Plum Support

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