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Recently added Voices

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Recently added Voices

Post by tssaini7 »


Thanks for "Plum Support Team" for providing me the link that shows list of all supported voices for various TTS engines , AT&T Natural Voices, Cepstral and RealSpeak.

Can you please specify which of these are the recently added voices ? This would help me lot.

Tejinder Singh

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available IVR voices

Post by support »

Hi Tejinder,

For AT&T Natural Voices and Cepstral, the voices listed have always been available for IVR hosting.

For Realspeak, we have recently added:

Daniel (male), Emily (female) for British English (en-GB)
Lee (male), Karen (female) for Austrailian English (en-AU)
Madalena (female) for Portuguese (pt-PT)

Plum Support

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