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Audio prompt playback and DTMF collection problems

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Audio prompt playback and DTMF collection problems

Post by mparzych »

When placing outbound calls, we sometimes experience the following problems (there are not VXML problems - we've been using the same VXML scripts for quite some time; and the problems are sporadic)

.On occasion, a placed outbound call is received and the audio prompts being played back are not heard. Checking the logs it is clear the audio files are being queued and played (I see "Newly queued prompts are now being played") in the logs. But, the recipient hears nothing. This is not just one prompt during the erroneous call, it's multiple prompts being retried multiple times (script logic).

.On occasion, DTMF collection does not work. Checking the logs, the audio prompts are being played, but 'no input' exceptions are being thrown/caught.

We're wondering what causes these scenarios and what, if anything can be done about it. Both occur sporadically - not very often, but often enough that we get the occasional earful from our various customers. It's not one phone or one service provider - it happens much more randomly than that.

I can provide a log of the most recent scenario reported - with a call that didn't play the audio prompts and one resent 5 minutes later (auto retry on our system) that did work. But, as I mentioned, this happens sporadically - I don't think the logs will tell you much. It seems rather to do with problems in the Plum system or due to poor line/connection quality perhaps.


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IVR Audio prompt playback and DTMF collection problems

Post by support »


Could you provide with a small snippet of IVR code that demonstrates this IVR issue so that we can try to reproduce it ourselves? You can also send us the IVR call log of this IVR issue occurring as well.

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