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Initialization, Phase 2, and Language

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Initialization, Phase 2, and Language

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Esteemed Support Staff,

Big picture: we would build a vxml file, put it on a web server, assign it a phone number and our Plum Voice application would do the rest? Thank you for your answer including mention of any further development needs

Phase 2 would be next. In Phase 2, we would extend it by using the vxml file to access a database of outgoing messages for different customers, also with different financial databases for each?

Inside the vxml file the Db access would be done using PHP or another such script? Do we need to use a script or is the xml capable?

Thank you for your assistance. Have a great week,

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create VoiceXML on the fly to return to the IVR server

Post by support »

We would recommend you use our tutorial to get to learn how VoiceXML and web architecture works in general. Once you get the hang of using VoiceXML in a scratchpad, you can set up a web server to host your VoiceXML code.

Please note, however, that VoiceXML is merely a scripting language much like HTML so it cannot inherently be used to access your databases. You will need to utilize an IVR application server language like PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, or ASP to act as a middle layer to both access your databases and then create VoiceXML on the fly to return to the IVR server.

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