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Glitch with Skip Logic and Comments prompt

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Re: Glitch with Skip Logic and Comments prompt

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Regarding your first question, this is the same behavior that you corrected in your spanish survey. For a comments type question, the built-in audio is always played by default. Therefore, since you speficied a prompt to be played for this comment question, you are first hearing that prompt that you added followed by the built-in prompt. To correct this, you can either remove your text from the comments question and you will only hear the built-in prompt. Alternatively, you can go into the audio settings for your survey and mute the built-in prompt (it should look like "Begin your recording after the tone. To finish, press any number."), so you will only hear the prompt you have specified.

Regarding your second question, this is simply a matter of the functionality of the multiple choice question. The way a multiple choice question works is if no valid input is provided, the question will reprompt until it has received valid input. In the case of your question (pressing 1 for yes, and entering anything else for no), the multiple choice question is treating any input other than a 1 as a no match, and therefore reprompting. To correct this, the simplest solution would be to change your prompt slightly to something like "press 1 to leave a comment, or press 2 to end the call", and then add a second choice to your multiple choice question with the skip logic ending the call when the user presses 2.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Plum Support

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