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Query database

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Query database

Post by wrothman@dealermagic.net »

In filtering for a valid unique number in the table I have the caller entering the number he has, then, if it matches one of the rows containing that same number, we pull the row to initiate the call. If however, the caller enters the number he has incorrectly but, when we announce it back to him, he incorrectly answers that the number is correct, we get an unwired node message. Clearly there is no filtered data that matches and the caller should not be able to proceed. How would I branch that instance to take the caller back to the enter prompt or, alternatively, give him a prompt that the data does not match any open files. I tried branching, to no avail. I think my issue is that this error occurs before I've actually selected a row. Any suggestions?

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Branching when no rows are pulled

Post by support »


You would want to branch when the query returns no matching rows. This could be done in two different places. The first would be within the Query Database module. If you select 'Error handling' from the drop-down menu the nodes for "No matching rows" and "Invalid query" should be visible. The second location would be "No row to fetch" within the Get Row from Stack module.

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