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Using a list of Synonyms with Voice Menus.

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Using a list of Synonyms with Voice Menus.

Post by emptyspaces »

I love this application. Thank you for making this available.

I would using the Simple Menu module in building a concierge menu. I would like to be able to use multiple spoken words as triggers for a single menu. For instance, instead of saying having to say "Florist" to bring up the Florist menu, I want to map words like: Roses, Bouquet, Flowers, Florist... I know this may slow down the processing, but I would still like to know how to build this from the builder. I've tried using commas in the "or Say" field, but it didn't appear to work.

Second, I've started using pages to keep the workspace clean, however a feature that might be helpful is to make the connection lines between modules glow or change color on mouse over so you can easily track what they are connecting.

Again, this is a fantastic tool. I clearly have no experience in IVR setup or PhoneXML, so this allows me to build my vision before passing it on to the guys who will integrate it. Thanks for any help re my question!

Seth Blanchard
Florida Hospital

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Explicit Grammars

Post by support »

Hi Seth,

As of right now, we do not support any way to use multiple key words within a menu. We have forwarded both this and your other feature request to the developers.

Thank you for the compliment concerning the SynApps tool.

Plum Support