Log displaying partial value of variable

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Log displaying partial value of variable

PostTue Mar 21, 2017 6:29 pm


We have a code where we are assigning a XML string to a variable and later displaying it using <log> tag.
However I see that only a part of xml string gets printed in log.

Is there any length limitation that I am running into? Kindly let me know.

Code: Select all
<assign name="submitData" expr="'&lt;verifyCardRequest&gt;
            &lt;requestId&gt;' + session.id + hitCounter + '&lt;/requestId&gt;
            &lt;merchantId&gt;' + merchantId + '&lt;/merchantId&gt;
            &lt;previousAttempts&gt;' + previousAttempts + '&lt;/previousAttempts&gt;
            &lt;millisecondsToWait&gt;' + millisecondsToWait + '&lt;/millisecondsToWait&gt;
            &lt;cardNumber&gt;' + primaryAccountNumber + '&lt;/cardNumber&gt;
            &lt;expirationMonth&gt;' + expirationMonth + '&lt;/expirationMonth&gt;
            &lt;expirationYear&gt;' + expirationYear + '&lt;/expirationYear&gt;
            &lt;securityCode&gt;' + securityCode + '&lt;/securityCode&gt;
            &lt;channel&gt;' + channel.id + '&lt;/channel&gt;
            &lt;/verifyCardRequest&gt;'" />

<log expr="'*****submitData = ' + submitData"/>

Value displayed in log

LOCAL: *****submitData = <verifyCardRequest> <requestId>400024;005;149011976501</requestId> <merchantId>603000*****</merchantId> <previousAttempts>0</previousAttempts> <millisecondsToWait>20000</millisecondsToWait> <cardNumber>45112980027****


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Re: Log displaying partial value of variable

PostTue Mar 28, 2017 10:48 am

Hi Vikas,

Yes, there is a log limitation; log entries are limited to a maximum length of 255 bytes. Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

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