Private Values for Analyitics

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Private Values for Analyitics

PostMon Jun 24, 2019 10:06 am

I am trying to obscure some of our data for analytics. I am trying to follow the guide and wanted to know if the way I am adding the tags would be valid/honored by the system and obscure the data.

I have a examples below of trying to obfuscate a number. Is adding the logging property like that to the log valid?

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   <log label="Debug"> <property name="logging" value="private"/> The RefillNumber MaxLength is=<%=RxLen%></log>

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    <log label="Debug"><property name="logging" value="private"/>RTM, db=<%=db%>/></log>
    <log label="Debug"><property name="logging" value="private"/>RTM, call_id=<%=call_id%>/></log>



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Re: Private Values for Analyitics

PostTue Jun 25, 2019 12:38 pm


You bring up a good question. In the past we've written a guide on this particular topic which can be found here: [url][]=private[/url]

Based on the information present in that document, there isn't necessarily anything unusual about the way that you've added the tags. Put differently, there isn't anything to suggest that the tags as you've included them would not work.

Since providing this example, have you experienced any issues?


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