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Plum Fuse 7.1 Release Notes

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Plum Fuse 7.1 Release Notes

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We put on our thinking caps and got out our digital flyswatter to add a bunch of features and squash lots of bugs. The result is the best version of Plum Fuse yet. Here’s what’s new in Fuse 7.1.

Feature Requests:

[Keep Mini-Map Closed – Previously, if users closed the mini map, i.e. the application preview in the bottom right corner of the call-flow editor, it would re-open after saving or when navigating to a new page. Now the mini map stays closed across pages. If users reload the page the mini map will return to its original open state.

Dynamic Prompts Added for Initial Outbound Prompt – In previous versions of Fuse, the first prompt the call recipients hear for every outbound call follows the prompt and input formula. An example would be: “You have a call from Plum Fuse, would you like to accept this call? Press 1 for yes, press 2 for no." If the call recipient presses 2 or hangs up, Fuse considered that a rejected call. In Fuse 7.1, we removed the default prompt. Now application developers can create dynamic initial prompts before requesting input or moving directly into the application.

Better Save Prompting Logic – In Fuse 7.1, applications only prompt users to save if changes have been made to the current application.

Support Editing Variables in WYSIWYG Inputs – Users can now double-click existing variables to edit or update them. There is no need to delete and then re-add the variable to make changes.

Enhanced Setting Controls for Multiple Application Versions – In Fuse 7.1, you can establish different settings for different versions of your applications all on the same page. The version button moved to the right side of the screen. Now when on the Call-Flow Editor, Audio Manager, or Settings pages users can de-/select which versions to apply those settings to in the version drop-down menu. This allows for better version control and consistency throughout the application.

Display Application Name in Browser Title Bar – The name of the current application now displays in the browser title bar. Previously, the title of the window was “Plum Fuse :: {Application Page}.” This has been updated to “Plum Fuse :: Application Name.”

Add Option for Comparison Type to Compare Variable Module – Added an option to the Compare Variable module allowing users to choose how they want the comparison to work. Users can compare variables as String, Number, or Boolean," where string is the default behavior.

Highlight Path(s) When Clicking on a Module – When clicking on a module, the application will now highlight all the paths leaving from that module. By making these paths “glow,” it becomes easier to track call-flows and pinpoint destinations, especially in applications with a lot of modules/connections.

Indicate Current Active Revision in Version List – The version list now indicates the current active version in the menu icon. The version list is now located in the top right corner next to the save button. It is no longer necessary to hover over the version list to see the current revision.

Administrators Can Create New Sub-Accounts – Account administrators can now create new accounts in Fuse directly from the administrator page. There is no need to have users sign up for a trial account and then convert the trial to a production account.


Fixed a bug when navigating to the settings or audio manager pages and refreshing the page the application prompted users to save changes even though no changes occurred.

Fixed an issue where the Language module was unavailable for single language applications. The Language module is now available at all times.

Fixed a bug when adding a language in the audio manager an associated TTS voice menu displayed on the settings page, but if you deleted the language, the associated TTS voice menu would still be there. Now deleting a language also deletes the associated TTS voice menu.

Fixed an error in the editor_resource’s get_soap_methods() code.

Fixed a bug relating to merging audio prompts. If a one-page application had uploaded audio prompts, and then a second page was added, any new prompts with the exact same language were not getting the audio applied to them.

Fixed an issue where double inverted commas (“ ”) in variable names caused the WYSIWYG editor to break. The WYSIWYG editor now accepts double inverted commas and other special characters.

Fixed an issue where the upload audio button appeared for users without audio management permissions.

Fixed a bug where users were not seeing a Save dialog box before downloading audio or CSV files.

Fixed an error message that users receive when trying to download audio from applications that do not have any uploaded audio.

Fixed a bug where the Menu module played the main prompt but not the option prompts when calling into an application. The application would then skip to the ‘no input’ error message. Menu option prompts now play as intended.

Fixed an issue where errors generated a blank page instead of a meaningful error message.

Fixed a missing icon issue.

Fixed a bug where built-in prompt messages were missing after cloning an application.

Fixed a bug that occurred when deleting a user displayed an error message even though the deletion occurred correctly.

Fixed an issue where a blank prompt displayed in the audio manager for modules that did not have any prompts.

Fixed a problem where an application failed to associate the correct TTS engine/voice with a telephone number.

Fixed an issue whereby creating an application, cloning the application, and then deleting the original application, the cloned application would not function properly.

Fixed a bug where the revision drop-down menu would not populate in the Go To App module.

Fixed an issue with the Go To Page module where the link that jumps to another page and module did not work properly.

Fixed a bug where sorting pages in the application editor jumped users to the wrong page after changing the page order.

Fixed an issue where PUT REST requests were not working.

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