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SMS Messages / Module

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:09 pm
by fullcube
Hello - when attempting to trigger an SMS message after input via IVR of the mobile number, rather than the SMS getting triggered, it's generating an email with the below in the body:

Here is the response : [object Object]

Baghlay ma !

Any ideas?

Re: SMS Messages / Module

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:28 pm
by support

It looks like your web service request to the Queue SMS API function may not be working properly -- we have checked your Fuse+ logs and it looks like you are receiving the following error:

"status": "failure",
"error": "This account has been locked. Please visit to resolve this issue."

At this time it appears that your account has been unlocked, so you should be able to properly send SMS messages.

Additionally you are seeing [object Object] when directly referencing the variable sensSMS in your email module because the webservice request to send an SMS is returning a JSON object. If you would like to email the "status" returned by the Queue SMS API function, you would want to reference the variable sensSMS.status rather than just sensSMS. The same applies if you want to include "error" or "result" returned by the Queue SMS API function in your email.

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