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Unable to delete / Question about best practices for APIs

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Unable to delete / Question about best practices for APIs

Post by JBodek »

I noticed recently that I'm having trouble getting the delete function for applications to work. When I click delete in the drop down menu from the cog for the application, the pop-up appears but the button is already depressed so I cannot click it. I attempted to delete in Chrome, Edge and Firefox but had issues in all.

Second question, which I'm not sure may be more for professional services.
Are there best practices in regards to timeouts, alerts for APIs with a flow? In regards to getting an email sent appropriately if an API calls or takes to long to respond.

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Re: Unable to delete / Question about best practices for API

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1. We have noticed delay in application deletion process, where large applications take longer than usual to be removed. The "Yes" button may look pressed-in but a click on it should still register. Have you try waiting on the page after clicking on "Yes" button for deleting? This delay is being addressed and will be fixed in our next Fuse+ release. We have no ETA for it just yet.

2. Regarding best practices for APIs with timeouts and such, we would direct you to talk to your project manager. They would be better suited to help you with that.

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