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Dynamic Application Behavior

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Dynamic Application Behavior

Post by AjayExpresso »

Hi Folks,

I am wondering if the following is possible with a Fuse Application.

1. If I have a Fuse variable set to the voice to be used in the IVR, for e.g. voice="Jennifer", how can I have a Module use this variable to change the voice used for TTS on the fly?

2. If I have a Fuse variable set to the transfer timeout value to be used, for e.g. transferTimeout=10, how can I have the Transfer Module use this variable?

3. If I have a Fuse variable set to the list of languages to be used for the current call, for e.g. langs=["en-US", "es-US"], how can I have a Module use this variable to change the languages offered on the fly?

4. Are there Fuse variables that provide the called and the caller phone numbers?


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Re: Dynamic Application Behavior

Post by support »


1. Voices are configured per application, so it would not be possible to set it per module.

2. It is possible to have different transfer modules set to different timeouts, and branch to one depending on the 'transferTimeout' value. You can go to option in the transfer module and select "show custom timeouts", and 2 timeout settings will display in the module.

3. The languages can't be changed on the fly, other than prompting the caller to select the options in the input - then branching out from there.

4. You may utilize shadow variables to get the called numbers (DNIS) and the caller phone numbers (ANI). Please refer to this documentation: https://www.plumvoice.com/docs/fuse/shadow_variables.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Plum Support

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