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Call Recording Not Going To REST Service for Dropped Calls

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 3:47 pm
by gferragut
In our application we capture a call_recording module and then post that with some other accompanying variables to a REST service that we have hosted on one of our domains. The REST service then returns JSON containing an email body that should then be sent out using an email module.

I've noticed that sometimes the request is not actually sent to our service and, subsequently, the email is not sent. After some debugging, I've determined that this always happens when the call is ended prematurely, meaning that the caller does not wait for the timeout after recording their message, but actually hits "End Call" on their end.

I'm not sure whether or not this functionality is intentional, but is there a way to still send that request if the call is dropped? It's likely that most of our callers will simply end their own calls after recording voice messages rather than waiting for the call to hang up on them, so a solution for this is vital for out Fuse+ use case.

This may likely even be a quick setting change that we've overlooked, but any help on this would be much appreciated.