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Upcoming Platform Release 2.4.2 is almost ready!

The latest news about the Plum Voice Platform

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Upcoming Platform Release 2.4.2 is almost ready!

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The Plum Platform Development team has been hard at work on the next revision of the platform, which promises several bugfixes, along with some exciting new improvements!

Revision 2.4.2 of the Plum Voice platform adds the following features:

* Threads are doled out per call session rather than per channel. This permits post-processing of a call to not interfere with subsequent calls on the same channel.
* Streaming MP3 audio from a Shoutcast server has been implemented with the "stream" attribute of the tag.
* The caret "^" and dollar sign "$" characters can be used in JSGF grammars to indicate the beginning and end of an utterance.
* Mixed initiative has been implemented. Please refer to section 2.1 of the Programmer's Reference Manual for details.
* The <record> tag's "type" attribute can now be set to "audio/basic", "audio/x-alaw-basic", or "audio/x-wav".
* The Sphinx speech recognition engine now supports ABNF-XML grammars.
* The "category" attribute of the <voice> tag has been eliminated.

Release dates for the new revision are dependant on what kind of service you use:
for hosted customers, the release will be made active Wedenesday, December 10th.

for our turn-key customers, the release will be made active Friday, December 19th.

We look forward to more release news regarding some exciting new developments with Plum in the very near future, so check this forum for more details at the beginning of 2004!