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How many ports can I run on a single Plum server?

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How many ports can I run on a single Plum server?

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With the standard Plum Voice server system configuration, we have successfully run up to 96 ports on a single CPU 1.2G PIII server.

The system capacity is more frequently limited by physical space for telephony interface cards rather than by system load. The HP Proliant DL280 system chassis can fit up to 3 T1 interfaces in 2U of rack space.

Because of the efficiency of linux and our platform code, the standard single CPU configuration offered in Plum Voice Platform servers has plenty of excess computing capacity for most applications at a full load of 96 ports.

However, applications which include intensive use of text-to-speech (TTS) and/or automatic speech recognition (ASR) may benefit from distributing these processes to dedicated outboard processors. For most applications, this is not necessary. See the Plum Voice Platform adminstration guide for more information on distributing ASR and TTS services.

To achieve system redundancy, it often makes sense to balance the total system load across two or more servers.