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Registering phone # on cnam

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Registering phone # on cnam

Post by mberns »

I want a caller ID to show up that represents my business when I make an outbound call. Any ideas on how this might be accomplished with my deployment? External to Plum?

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Re: Registering phone # on cnam

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When queuing an outbound call from our Fuse+ platform you have the option to set the phone number of your choice as the ANI (the number the call is coming from). We currently support custom caller ID displays of up to 15 characters (including spaces) for local phone numbers only. This feature is not currently supported for toll-free numbers.

Once the custom caller ID is registered with the local number carrier it will show up when calls are placed using that ANI, though this is dependent on the receiving carrier honoring that registered name; for example, many cellular carriers will only display a phone number and not a name.

We hope this information helps.

Plum Support

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