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call_id GUID?

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call_id GUID?

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Is call_id supposed to be a unique identifier? On Tuesday last week (5/5/09) we noted that the call_ids we were getting from outbound call scheduling reset from ~800k to 0 and began incrementing up again. How often is this value reset? We are concerned about collisions and want to know how often we can expect this value to reset.

- Joe

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call_id isn't a unique identifier of IVR outbound calls

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The call_id isn't guaranteed to be a unique identifier. When you notice this "reset", it is just our database getting flushed out based on the number of IVR outbound calls that had already been queued.

To ensure that you always get a unique identifier for an IVR outbound call, we strongly recommend that you generate your own unique number and put it in the message_reference parameter.

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