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Disable caller_type check for development account

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Disable caller_type check for development account

Post by sparktech »

Hi there,

Is it possible to switch of caller_type identification for my development profile. My user name is mbans99@gmail.com.

I also need a clarification regarding caller_type identification functionality; i.e. will switching it off still recognize and report back call failures like busy, noanswer etc. Currently I receive this information in the post back to the result url after the call has been completed. This is with regards to outbound calling.


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possible to switch off callee type detection from IVR acct

Post by support »


Yes, it is possible to switch off callee type detection for your IVR account. If you would like callee type detection disabled for your account, please send an e-mail to support@plumvoice.com with your customer ID in the subject line requesting for callee type detection to be disabled. The customer ID would be found in your support contract with Plum. If you do not yet have a support contract with Plum, you should contact your sales representative regarding this issue.

If you have callee type detection disabled, you will not lose the ability to report back calls with a "failed" status of busy, noanswer, fax, or operator.

Plum Support

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