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Result url callback taking a long time for outbound calling

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Result url callback taking a long time for outbound calling

Post by sparktech »

Hi There,

We are currently using the PlumVoice platform for making outbound calls to our customers. In order to track success of our outgoing calls and schedule them for a retry we depend on the call back to the result url provided at the time of scheduling the call with the plumvoice voice server. However during our testing we have noticed that the plum voice server sometimes takes a long time (in the order of 10-15 mins or more) to call back on the result url to post the final call statistics. We have the following questions in this regards:

1. Is the behavior we observed beacuse of the fact that we were using a development account and can we expect a more prompt response once we sign a contract and move to a production account?

2. Is there a time guarantee within which we can expect a call back from the voice server? We will configure our application to retry call only after this guaranteed time interval has elapsed.

3. Is there any time guarantees from the time the call is queued to when it is actually initiated?

4. Are there any limits to number of calls that can be simultaneously queued at the voice server by a particular account?

5. Are there any differences between production and development accounts in terms of other service guarantees in general?

We had asked some of the questions above to the sales person who has been helping us and he asked us to post them on the forum as he was unsure of there answers.


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IVR outbound call issues

Post by support »

Hi Mohit,

1. The behavior you are experiencing is expected on both the production and development accounts. The result_url callback latency is in no way different between these two types of accounts.

2. The intervals should be consistent and short for failed calls. Only successful calls should exhibit variable delays.

3. The delay within the queue is actually something that can be minimized for production accounts. The IVR outbound queue system is shared by all accounts and fairly distributes available resources to each account. We do offer the option to purchase "high priority" access to a fixed number of ports with overflow to the shared capacity once your port usage is reached. If you are interested in purchasing access please contact your sales rep for pricing details.

4. Concurrent port availability is not guaranteed outside of our high priority port access options. Standard IVR outbound access is shared equally between all of our IVR outbound customers and availability is dependent on usage at the time you queue your IVR calls.

5. The only difference is that you have the opportunity to purchase access to the high priority ports if you have specific IVR call queue latency concerns.

Plum Support

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