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ASR and TTS engine

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ASR and TTS engine

Post by apatel@corecard.com »

Which ASR and TTS engine are good. How to improve text to voice IVR speech.
Arvind Singh

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Re: ASR and TTS engine

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Hi Arvind,

For ASR engine, you should select the following option: Nuance OSR 3.0

For TTS engine, the choice is up to you based on your preference of TTS voices. Most people prefer the voices for the TTS engine, AT&T Natural Voices 1.4, while other prefer the voices for the TTS engine, Nuance RealSpeak 4.0. For a list of the voices you can use for each TTS engine, please see here: http://www.plumvoice.com/docs/dev/developer_reference:grammar

Regarding your last question, can you please clarify what you mean by improving upon the text-to-voice IVR speech?

Plum Support

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