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Bargein & Silence Threshhold Settings

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Bargein & Silence Threshhold Settings

Post by Transfrm »

POS is having problems right now with background noise. Even with voice recognition turned off, the issue is still there…….I assume the system picks up the sound from key punches no matter what? Anyways, it looked like you could control the sound levels (Bargein and Silence Threshholds). Is this a Global setting? Must this be set by you if everything is running through a server on your side? Is this something we can control on our end through our own integration into Plum? Is there documentation on bargein settings?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Bargein & Silence Threshhold Settings

Post by support »

Hi Transfrm,

The bargein and silence threshold settings can be controlled on your end within your application code.

Below are some documentation links regarding bargein, sensitivity, and threshold settings that you can set within your application:

http://www.plumvoice.com/docs/dev/voice ... es:bargein
http://www.plumvoice.com/docs/dev/voice ... inputmodes
http://www.plumvoice.com/docs/dev/voice ... ensitivity

If you have any further questions regarding your code, please feel free to post a small snippet of your VoiceXML code and we can provide you with further guidance.

Plum Support

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