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International Calls - DTMF problem

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International Calls - DTMF problem

Post by mparzych »

When I place outbound calls internationally (I'm using Plum's US server - not the UK server) the recipients hears all the voice prompts, but when they press numbers on their phone's keypad, the VXML is not catching the DTMF tones. For example, the VXML asks them to 'Press 1' - the recipient presses 1 - short, long, held down - and the Plum server never picks it up. I call back, and it works. It's sporadic -- any ideas/suggestions? I don't see this problem when calling domestically. Should I try using the UK server to send outbound calls? My calls are going to Germany and Israel.

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some IVR code suggestions to help you catch DTMF tones

Post by support »


Could you provide us with a small snippet of IVR code that demonstrates this IVR issue? Perhaps we can make some IVR code suggestions to help you catch DTMF tones better.

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