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Outbound calls - using the U.K. server

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Outbound calls - using the U.K. server

Post by mparzych »

I use the US Plum server to originate my outbound calls:


When I want to place an international call - I prefix the phone number with 011 - that works quite well.

Is there any advantage to using the UK server for international calls - e.g. to Germany and Israel - instead:

http://outbound-uk.plumgroup.com/webser ... uecall.php

Would those calls just start with the country code (not the 011)?
Do I need an account on the UK server?
Are there any other request parameters I need to change?


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advantage to using UK IVR outbound system

Post by support »


For placing international calls, you can use the tel:url format:

tel:+{country code}{local number}

This would automatically check the country code and if it doesn't match the current country, the international dialing prefix and country code are prepended to the phone number. This would ease the worry of wondering what the prefix is for each international call you make.

To answer your other questions:

1) Yes, there is an advantage to using the UK IVR outbound system for placing international calls (like for Germany and Israel).

2) Yes, those IVR calls would start with the country code and you can use the tel:url format mentioned above.

3) Yes, you would need to be enabled to use the UK IVR outbound system. Please talk to your sales representative to inquire about this.

4) No, there are no other request parameters that you would need to change.

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