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View the code? Apps included with purchase?

Questions and answers about Plum Pre-built Applications

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View the code? Apps included with purchase?

Post by peteschulte »

Greetings Esteemed Support,
* Where would I view the code for the pre-built application Account Balance?
* Is it the case that such pre-built applications are included for us to modify to our needs when we buy Plum Voice? With such an interface, a user (non-programmer) could easily select among options and create a working instance of IVR. Likewise a programmer could easily modify it to our clients'.

Thanks kindly for your answers,

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pre-built IVR app, Account Balance, is unavailable to view

Post by support »

1) Sorry, but the IVR code for the pre-built IVR application, Account Balance, is not available for viewing as it is already a pre-defined phone application, so the IVR code cannot be modified.

2) Yes, you can ask for pre-built IVR applications to be included with your box. However, you can only modify this IVR application as a user (i.e. change the text-to-speech text in your callflow). You wouldn't be able to modify the application as a programmer.

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