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SOAP issue

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SOAP issue

Post by wrothman@dealermagic.net »

In our Inbound Agent Fax Response app, we have a variable, "Completed", which, we post as "Yes" and update to the simple table when the appropriate answer from the caller comes of a Y/N module which is asking whether an earlier digit entry was correct.

At first, we could not get that result to pass with the SOAP until I separately set a variable named Completed as "Yes" coming off that same Y/N module and then updated the database for the digital entry. But now the Yes does not post to the table. It does pass to our database correctly. I'm apparently not doing something correctly.

Is there a difference in using the SOAP inside the app versus using it in a post processing manner? I don't understand the difference. Also, I'm a little confused by the fact that the SOAP values do not equate to the values written to the table, but the variables used to write to the table. For instance, I have a table field AgentFax which accepts the value EnterFax during the call. EnterFax is what we need to pass back to our database to make it work. It would have seemed that we would be sending the value in AgentFax itself. Confusing.

We need to understand these fundamentals before doing our very involved inbound call SOAP. Thanks for any guidance.

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Re: SOAP issue

Post by support »

Hi Wayne,

No, there shouldn't be a difference in using the SOAP inside the application, versus using it in a post processing manner.

Also, about getting your data table to update correctly, have you added the variable "Completed" to any of your "Update Database" entries? This might explain why you aren't seeing the result in your data table, as opposed to your SOAP database.

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