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SRGS Quick question

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Re: SRGS Quick question

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Here is an example of an SRGS format grammar. Note the tag variable name must be the same as the field's name, "check_hotel_name". Also note you can have multiple items match to the same tag.

Code: Select all

<field name="check_hotel_name">
    <grammar type="application/srgs+xml" mode="voice" root="hotels">
      <rule id="hotels">
     <item>Ritz Carlton<tag>check_hotel_name="Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles"</tag></item>
     <item>Rich Carlton<tag>check_hotel_name="Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles"</tag></item>
     <item>The Rich Carton Hotel<tag>check_hotel_name="Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles"</tag></item>
     <item>Riviera<tag>check_hotel_name="Riviera Hotel Las Vegas"</tag></item>

    <prompt bargein="false">
      <audio src="http://audio.plumgroup.com/root/89664471/89664471_67.wav">
   Thank you for calling Technical Support. This is Kendra. Can I have the name of the hotel you are staying at?

      <assign name="hotel" expr="check_hotel_name"/>

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