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submit - next with full path

PostWed Feb 07, 2018 4:26 pm

I am having an issue with submit function. Everything worked fine on my local machine and AWS server. Our company has moved to azure and that is when the problem started. The error happens when navigating to the next page by means of submit. On my side I see the error as being parameter passed is null but when I look into plum's log I find that submit is using the next variable as a full path. I call

<submit next="blah.aspx" namelist="myVar" />

I get an error that myVar is null but plum's log show trying to fetch https://blah.aspx?myVar=1 and fails obviously... I have never used full paths before locally or when we used amazon's servers. I decide to change to call with full path like this:

<submit next="" namelist="myVar" />

This works and goes out to fetch but here is the kicker... I only hardcoded the change for that first page. The call continues page after page WITHOUT full path...


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Re: submit - next with full path

PostThu Feb 08, 2018 11:31 am


Can you please send us a private message containing the actual log that you're referring to?

This will give us a chance to more directly investigate this behavior you're seeing. We can also then test the Azure web services and inspect the HTTP response header more carefully to try and figure out why this has only cropped up since you migrated your code.

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