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Caller "Say" Email Address Character by Character

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Caller "Say" Email Address Character by Character

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Hi -

I've seen some posts with regards to creating a prompt that asks users to say their email address. Unfortunately these look like they were from 2008, so my guess is outdated. The outcome of the applications they were attempting to create doesn't look successful. Given Fuse+ current capabilities, is there a playbook or a documented process in order to:

1. Prompt the caller to say their email address, character by character
2. A module to listen to their recording and interpret into a string
3. Repeat the string back to the caller to verify it is correct
4. Try again if incorrect, etc.

Thank you!

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Re: Caller "Say" Email Address Character by Character

Post by support »


Unfortunately it is not possible to reliably do what you are describing. Collecting any kind of alphanumeric input reliably requires you to have a small list of possible values a user can say at any given position in the input. Open ended alphanumeric input (which is what is required for email collection) has too many letters that sound similar.

The recommended solution is to create a recording of the user saying and spelling their email address. You would then store that data on your servers which can then be later transcribed by a human.

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