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Logging in Evaluate JS module

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Logging in Evaluate JS module

Post by mushfek0001 »


Is there any way to add log statements in Eval JS module? I can see

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doesn't work in there but both writing code and debugging is extremely tedious in there. No formatting and no logging. Please let me know if there's any way around it where I can step through the code segment.

Another additional question, from a few existing questions on the forum I gathered that you guys are working on exporting a Fuse+ app to an external file (your format or VXML). Is there any update on that? We could benefit greatly from this feature.


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Re: Logging in Evaluate JS module

Post by support »


At this time console.log() is supported within the Eval JS module. As long as the Eval JS module is reached and the JavaScript code is able to execute, calls to console.log() will appear in your individual call logs. It is unlikely that we will support exporting VoiceXML anytime in the near future. because Fuse+ includes numerous features that are not possible with a pure VoiceXML application. However, we do have a feature request in our backlog that would allow for a data export in a proprietary format. That feature is not yet on the development calendar, please reach out to your account manager if this is a critical feature as they can influence feature prioritization.


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