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Fuse --> Fuse+

Questions and answers about Plum Fuse+

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Fuse --> Fuse+

Post by deanlaw »

A few years back I created an app for a client on the Fuse platform. I tried to log in to review some settings on the app and found that Fuse is no longer listed as an option, but there is now Fuse+. I tried to log in to Fuse+ and it says that my email is not recognized. I found an old link to http://quickfuseapps.com/ and was able to log in. So my account and app are still there but in the legacy platform.

My question is, how do I migrate both my user account and app to the Fuse+ platform as it appears that Fuse is no longer supported?

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Re: Fuse --> Fuse+

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For the answer to this question can you please reach out to your account manager.

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