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Plum Fuse+ "Uncaught event: error.badfetch.http.500" on REST

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Plum Fuse+ "Uncaught event: error.badfetch.http.500" on REST

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We are currently doing some work that has required us to use Plum Fuse+ to hit our API with fuse+ REST modules, but we are getting an "Uncaught event: error.badfetch.http.500" error in the Logs when we attempt to fire off the request.

Normally, we would find the problem in our API that was causing a "Non 2xx response", but we've traced our server access logs and it seems as though the request from fuse+ isn't even making it to our server. There aren't any more details in the Log about what is going on, so we aren't sure about how to continue from this point.

Does anyone have any insight into what could be happening to throw that error (or even what that error means in the fuse+ environment)? We're just looking for any information that can lead us to getting this working!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Plum Fuse+ "Uncaught event: error.badfetch.http.500" on

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Please refer to your PM inbox for the answer to this question.

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