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Extremely pleased with Fuse+

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john stro
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Extremely pleased with Fuse+

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Overall, extremely pleased with Fuse+. Along with being easy to use, it allows for a lot of flexibility, allowing for additional Java script or Voice XML if the standard data gathering/processing modules cannot accomplish a client's customized request. This has been a crucial factor for several of our implementations.
Fuse+ is incredibly simply to use and enables anyone to create, test and release a new IVR within a few days, if not sooner. Case in point: Within a few weeks of using Fuse+, we received an order of 17 unique IVR applications from a single client, to be released asap. With the easy to follow flow-chart interface and audio manager, the toll-free provisioning feature, the easy-to-use deployment table and especially the cloning feature, we were able to release all 17 IVRs a month later. Our previous deployment time frame would have been 4-6 weeks per IVR, so Fuse+ saved us at least a year in development time.
For a 'nice to have' feature, I would like to see an option to export data from the reporting section, and eventually an option to schedule a daily report that can be automatically emailed. (I know there is exportable data from Voice Trends but that is almost too granular) Prior to the latest release, I would've said the main landing page where all IVR applications are listed. In the past, the page was difficult to navigate; however, new filters have now been added that make it easier to find recently edited apps or apps that only I have created. Excellent enhancement!

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