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Plum Survey Builder 1.3 release now in production

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Plum Survey Builder 1.3 release now in production

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Hi everyone,

The 1.3 release of the Plum Survey Builder is now in production. Some of the new features for this release are:

1. Advanced options can be enabled for questions, so per-question settings can be made. This now allows you to:

* set maxlength and minlength for digits questions, e.g., only accept a 8-digit number
* set the first number to be used for a list of choices, e.g., scale question starts from 0 instead of 1.

2. A per-survey option allows you to save data even if the user hangs up the phone before the survey is complete.

3. There is a global escape operator that allows you to set a keycode like *0 that transfers you to another number.

4. You can now add freeform text and prompts between questions, to provide context or directions.

5. The interface for the page editor has been enhanced to allow you to type long questions in without needing to scroll through the textbox left and right.

6. You can insert a subdialog into any part of a survey by providing a URL. The subdialog will be able to capture the responses entered so far on the current survey page, provide anything that VXML is capable of like a complex prompt or dialog, and then return to the survey. It can also provide a result that the survey can branch on with skip logic.

* Example subdialog code has been provided in the documentation section

7. A per-survey option to hide the "<<Prev" button on the web version has been added.

8. Web surveys are now optimized for viewing on iPhones.

If you have any questions regarding these new features, please feel free to post them to our Plum Survey Q&A forum.

Plum Support