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Plum Voice Platform 2.4.1 Now Available!

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Plum Voice Platform 2.4.1 Now Available!

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The platform development team has released the newest software revision, version 2.4.1 which provides a variety of enhancements, along with several bug fixes:

    *Choice of two "fall-through" pages for incoming calls that do not match any assigned DNISes.
    *Modal attribute implemented for the <record> tag.
    *All errors are logged to daily error logs which are accessible via the web admin UI.
    *FTP access to a web directory on the platform can now be enabled and disabled from the command-line admin UI.
    *The Cepstral speech synthesis engine is now an available TTS option.
    *Confidence levels for hypotheses are now provided from the Sphinx speech recognition engine.
    *The Sphinx speech recognition engine now allows for recognition of out-of-dictionary words by parsing such words and deriving a phonetic pronunciation.
    *Recognition of built-in types like "date" and "number" have been improved in the Sphinx speech recognition engine.