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In what format is audio saved by the <record> tag?

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In what format is audio saved by the <record> tag?

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Audio is recorded as headerless 8 kHz 8 bit data, encoded as either u-law or a-law, depending on the Plum Voice Platform configuration setting. The default setting, which is used for Plum Voice Hosting, is u-law.

Format conversions:

If you need recorded audio to be accessible in other formats, a variety of conversion tools can be used when the audio data is either saved or retrieved. One open source conversion tool available for both windows and linux is SoX.

POSTing audio data:

Audio data posted using the <submit> tag is postest as MIME type audio/basic. A <submit> which includes audio data always uses method="post" and encoding="multipart/formdata", regardless of the specified attributes.

For more information, see <record> in the Programmer's Reference Guide.