How do I globally change the voice for the application?

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voice tag

PostWed Aug 16, 2006 2:37 am

is there anyway to change globally for the whole application the voice or i have to get a voice tag in al my prompts?


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PostWed Aug 16, 2006 11:34 pm


In the upcoming version of the Plum platform there is a new feature which will allow developers to set a default voice or gender globally for their VoiceXML scripts. This release should be fully deployed in the next few weeks. Look for a post on this support forum about this upcoming release. Once fully deployed Plum will release all documention including new features. However, as a preview you will be able to use a property tag to specify your default voice either per page or in a root document:

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<property name="voicename" value="Julie"/>

This will set the default voice for all text-to-speech in the scope of the property tag. Similarly a "voicegender" property is supported.

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