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API to deliver configurable Text-To-Voice Messages

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API to deliver configurable Text-To-Voice Messages

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I had a conversation with Grae Wilson last week and she suggested that I post my question here.

We are looking for a supplier in the US to deliver Text-To-Voice Messages to phones in both English & Spanish. Our current supplier allows us to submit the number, language and text message via an API and they then handle the dialing and text-to-voice conversion for us.

Do you have an existing API that will work for us or would you need to develop a customized solution?

Please note that every message submitted will be unique so the API would need to cater for this.


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IVR outbound system allows you to call a list of numbers

Post by support »


Yes, we have an IVR hosted outbound system that would allow you to set up an IVR campaign that would call out to a list of phone numbers. You would be able to create two different IVR campaigns to suit your language needs; one to handle English and the other for Spanish.

For more information, see here:

http://www.plumvoice.com/docs/dev/plumd ... nddevguide
http://www.plumvoice.com/docs/dev/plumd ... rreference

If you have any further questions regarding how this works, please feel free to post them here.

Plum Support

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