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session maintainance

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session maintainance

Post by nrk1981 »

I had configured an application with the remote url
http://ivrind1.alacriti.com/app/csr/csr ... cation.jsp
to the number 617-712-3999 x1085;

I have a problem with this. in my application i will recognize the customer based on the number to which he calls.
I could not trace our the way with your software to capture the called id .
could you please help me out in this

also could you please let me know if there is any option to get live support by chat.


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IVR code fix for session.callerid and session.calledid

Post by support »


Looking at your IVR code, we noticed the following:

Code: Select all

      <assign name="ivrCallerId" expr="session.callerid" />
      <assign name="ivrCalledId" expr="session.calledid" />

Instead of session.callerid, you would want:

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Instead of session.calledid, you would want:

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As for your question about live support, please contact your sales representative.

Plum Support

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