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Facing 5 to 10 mins of delay in getting the Outbound call

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Facing 5 to 10 mins of delay in getting the Outbound call

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We are using Plum-Dev for our Voice calls, and we implemented a simple voice call functionality here. Below are details what we have done.

1. we have a jsp page which contains vxml tags as follow,
<vxml version="2.0">
Your One Time passcode is: <%= request.getParameter("call_parameters")%>

2. We are calling this jsp from java code as start_url.

When we call the "queuecall.php" from java, we are getting the response xml immediately. But, its taking 5-10 mins to get the call and because of what OTP is expiring and the functionality is not working.

1. I have gone through the forum and found that this is because of Queue your placing the calls in. So, is there any way we can resolve it?. Like if we can get the exact time of call when it is going to come then we can update our code accordingly.

2. or, is this because of JSP?

3. or, Is this because of network issues?

As this is a high priority issue we are going with, we are expecting a early reply.

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Re: Facing 5 to 10 mins of delay in getting the Outbound cal

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Calls should go out soon after you have queued them. Delays like 5 to 10 minutes should not occur. We have checked your outbound queue and have found that the initial calls have been going out within a minute of queuing the call. We also found that your calls have been using the built-in retry timeouts/attempts which are 5 minutes and 2 retries. This matches the behavior where you are receiving calls either 5 or 10 minutes after queuing the calls.

It is possible to queue a call to go out at a specific time. You would want to utilize the scheduled_timestamp. Information for this can be found at DEV Guide and Outbound Guide.

The server-side code should not have any affect. Network delays would also not cause the kind of issue you have experienced.

Plum Support

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