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Testing Inbound All with no ANI

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Testing Inbound All with no ANI

Post by sallen@healthcall.com »

We had an issue with our system where a customer called from a phone that did not report an ANI. It caused a problem due to our application code. I could see this in the web admin on the Call Logs page - there was nothing in the ANI column while the column was in progress. Also, the session log had no_ani in it for this call. I need to test this situation to make sure the fix we made to our application works correctly in this situation.

Does anyone know how we can simulate an inbound call that does not report an ANI? We tried setting our cell phones to not show caller id, but the ivr box picked up the ANI anyway.


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IVR issue due to Ani being blocked

Post by support »

Hi Scott,

About this IVR situation, you should always receive the ANI for calls. In this case, if you are not seeing the ANI from your customer, then your customer's carrier is blocking the ANI from being reported to your carrier and thus, you are not seeing the ANI. We suggest that you contact your customer to identify their carrier and then have your carrier contact their carrier about this blocked ANI issue.

Plum Support

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