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Delays between modules with matched min/max digits

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Delays between modules with matched min/max digits

Post by JBodek »

We’re seeing some delays within Fuse+ during collecting caller information. There is some dead-air time between the caller inputting their account number and the system recognizing the input which then again happens after they input their zip code. Is there anything that can be done to shorten the gap between input and acknowledgement from the Fuse+ side?

As requested by the sale rep we have been dealing with, we’re posting to the forums so it’s able to be monitored normally within the support ticket system with the response we were given in email below;

We’ve placed several test calls to your application on ***-***-**** from both landlines and mobile phones. We are consistently experiencing about a 3 second delay after final digit entry for Account Number and about a 3-4 second delay after final digit entry for Zip Code which is considered “normal” behavior. If you are experiencing longer delays, please contact Plum support via the forum.

The inter-digit-timeout setting influences the duration the platform “listens" following final DTMF entry before it assumes the user is done and moves forward. This setting is located in Application Settings > User Input Settings > Final DTMF Timeout. Currently, this is set to “3” seconds in the application. Note: Inter-digit-timeout setting is global for the application, but we hope to introduce per module inter-digit-timeout functionality in a future release. You are welcome to try shortening this setting, but we don’t recommend anything less then “2-3” given the length of the Account Number.

You may also try terminating the user input with a “#” to improve the experience as this circumvents the inter-digit-timeout and promptly proceeds to the next prompt. To do this, simply change the input module prompt to include “followed by pound” in the instructions. Note: There is no setting for this, the platform automatically will recognize the # entry followed by Account Number or ZipCode digits and proceed to next prompt.


The above information makes sense in reference to the final DTMF entry for the “wait” after input is made. We’re using the “Digits” input modules to collect the information in the call flow and the min/max digit values are the same in this instance for both modules. If we’re setup for min/max of 14 and the user inputs 14 digits can we somehow proceed immediately since they reached the maximum allowed?

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Re: Delays between modules with matched min/max digits

Post by support »

We've also called into your application we don't find the "waiting time" after input outside the industry standards, or even noticeable. As our sales team suggested, you can ask your users to enter the # sign after input, which is the industry standard for ending DTMF input.

A note about your ZIP collection specifically-- the "waiting" time may be longer because of the REST webservice right afterwards. The silence you hear takes places as Fuse+ sends a request to your webservice and waits for the answer back. Again, we don't find the waiting time noticeable, but you can always upload webservice fetch audio to play while the webservice is processing, in order to absolutely minimize the amount of silence your callers experience.

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