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Long call recordings break the recording downloader

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Long call recordings break the recording downloader

Post by dwollberg »

At the end of every call, I send the recording to a file (SaveCallRecording.php) to convert to WAV (using SOX) and save. After a long call (both my tests were about 1 hour 20 min), it is throwing an error:

Code: Select all

DocumentParser::FetchDocument - Parse error in file "/IVR/SaveCallRecording.php", line 1, column 1 - Invalid document structure
errno: 205 uri /IVR/SaveCallRecording.php
This code does work properly for most calls, but only fails for these long calls.

When I encountered problems with this before, it was due to php's default size restriction. I resolved this by adding settings to my .ini file (upload_max_filesize=50M and post_max_size=50M). The size of the recording it was trying to POST this time was 40,375,813, and since my max is 50M, this still comes in under the limit. I also increased the limit to 100M and received the same error (when posting a 1:12 call at 34870759 bytes).

I added some simple logging lines throughout my php file, and when this error occurs, there are no php logs.

I am not too familiar with php, so there may be something basic I am missing. Any suggestions of logs to look at, additional things to log, or settings to change are welcome.

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Re: Long call recordings break the recording downloader

Post by support »

Updating this thread to say client has submitted support ticket directly with the Plum Support team.
Support confirmed this was a platform level issue and is working directly with client to provide updates.
Platform team informs us that the ETA for this fix will be in Q1.

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